Christmas Card Tutorial

Last minute Christmas Card? Fancy a quick art activity with the kids or grandchildren?

  1. Find an image of an animal you would associate with Christmas or Winter. Polar bears, stags, robins etc. You could use the Internet or from a book. Draw (or trace) their silhouette

2. Use masking fluid to make little dots over your image to represent snow falling. Remember use the wrong end of the paint brush to do this, otherwise you’ll ruin your brush! Masking fluid can be bought cheaply from most art suppliers.


3. Once the masking fluid is dry Paint the silhouette with clean water.


4. Using watercolour paint, paint the image. I used two different blues. Make sure the paint is quite watery.

5. Scrape off the masking fluid leaving white circles representing snow falling

6. If you want you can personalise your card writing a special Christmas message.


Finally decorate your card with as much or as little as you wish. I’ve left mine pretty plain with just a very light blue wash over the ground. But you could add black pen work, glitter etc..